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Transfer Pricing

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Now a day transfer pricing guidance very much essential to do transactions at an Arm's Length Price, especially when international transaction held with even though a International/ domestic - related/ unrelated party, under same umbrella of the group company. After coming & implementation of some - BEPS Action plans, Anti measure-GAAR and lot of more changes in this International taxation tax world. Its important to dealt with & take care everything. LINK to download TP Presentation

As part of our transfer pricing service, We offer :-

1.Transfer pricing planning

We help our clients by studying the concerned industry, invoice methods, transaction, pricing and adoption of the correct methods.

We develop transfer pricing solutions and strategies that respond to the associates enterprise objectives and national tax authority requirements through proper tax planning.

2.Compliance with transfer pricing taxation rules and requirement of the tax authorities.

We help our clients on dealing with transfer pricing officer and provide assistance for compliance with transfer pricing rules and regulations. We provide dependable solutions that help companies to fulfill authority’s requirements and to maintain with arm’s lengths standards.

3.Transfer pricing study

We provide transfer pricing study based on the information/documents given by the clients. We further provide suitable tax advise and consulting on fixation of the Arm’s length price and selection of the most appropriate methods.

4.Appellate Authority

We have a team of the experienced chartered accountant who represents our clients before the appellate authority.

5.Dispute resolution Panel

Transfer pricing cases would be taken up to dispute resolution panel with good analysis of the cases, facts. We assist our clients in same.

Click here to download Transfer Pricing Presentation